Voor familie en vrienden van alcoholisten

Telefoon: 03/218.50.56
Al-Anon Familiegroepen vzw
Helenalei 24 (glv)
2018 Antwerpen



Are you worrying about his/her drinking habits ?

Are you trying to stop them drinking so much ?

Do you have sleepless nights thinking about them ?

Are you feeling tired, frustrated and angry that they are not listening to you ?

Are you sometimes frightened about their reactions ?

Is your life being effected in a detrimental way by their drinking ?

Are you often crying about them ?

Are you often pleading with them to stop ?

Has your life become a bit of a mess, and you can find no peace of mind anymore ?

AL ANON can help you.

Al Anon is a group of people who have family and friends with drinking problems.

They have come together to find for themselves peace of mind, and to be able to “detach with love” from those effecting their own lives because of the drinking.

Al Anon is based on the 12 steps of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, and is a positive way of life that can bring peace, happiness and laughter back into your life.

Al Anon is an anonymous fellowship, and everything that is said within the group is held in confidence.


Every sundaymorning from 11.00hrs until 12.00hrs

Paleisstraat 39 

2018 Antwerpen

contact Diane +32498749790

answer machine is connected if Diane not available, please leave your telephone number and someone will call you back at your convenience.

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Komende evenementen

Open vergadering van de intergroep AA-Ieper

  • Datum: 21 september 2018, om 19.30 u.
  • Thema: Al-Anon brengt het thema: "Loslaten, werken aan geluk"
  • Plaats: Dienstencentrum De Kersecorf, Rijkeklarenstraat 83, te Ieper

First Internationale AA Ardennes Convention 

Provinciedag Limburg

  •  Datum: 24 november 2018, van 14 uur tot 18 uur
  • Plaats: Tessenderlo, Hulsterweg 184,  Cultuurhuis de Griffel
  • Thema: "Eenvoud droef" 

Openvergadering AA groep Heule

  • 40 jarig bestaan van AA groep Heule "Ons Geluk" 
  • Datum: 8 december 2018
  • Plaats: O.C. De Vonke Lagaeplein, 8501 Heule
  • Thema: "Geen oorlog meer tussen mijn oren."
  • Affiche

De 59ste landdag van de Vlaamse AA

  • Datum:11 mei 2019
  • Plaats: in de Europahal in Tielt, West- Vlaanderen
  • Thema: "Nuchter, gelukkig, helpend."
  • Affiche


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